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Testosterone Supplements To Receive FDA Safety Investigation

Posted on

A couple weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration announced its intention to revisit testosterone supplement therapy.  This was due to recent research that called into question whether or not the users of such products could be susceptible to heightened…

Warning Issued By Safe Kids In Regard To Television Tipovers

Posted on

Many homes across the country are now chockful of televisions.  Wheres the television used to be the focal point of the living room, the relative low cost of even flat screen models compared to years past means that it’s not…

Arth-Q Supplement Receives FDA Advisory Over Ibuprofen Presence

Posted on

A dietary supplement has received a safety advisory from the Food and Drug Administration because of the potential for the items to contain ibuprofen.  Any item containing ibuprofen needs to go through the approval process because of the substance’s classification…

Consumers Union Seeks Additional Protections For Implant Recipients

Posted on

Perhaps you’ve heard of California’s Lemon Law for automobiles.  How this works is fairly straightforward.  When a vehicle suffers from an issue, especially if that issue is related to a defect that led to a recall, the consumer brings the…

Protect Others By Not Giving Away Older Children's Products

Posted on

When it comes to getting the right crib, car seat, or high chair for your child, it’s important to buy a new unit so that you can be reasonably sure there are no inherent safety issues associated with the products. …

Undeclared Sibutramine Prompts Warning About Dream Body Supplement

Posted on

A dietary supplement should not be used because of the possible presence of an undeclared drug, a trend that has troubled the Food and Drug Administration in recent years as more and more products get recalled or receive a warning…

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